We have started our first service https://certtest.teracara.org in January 2020.

The CA will be started as soon as the audit with the TÜV-iT is passed.
Stay tuned.

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Our business covers some
themes of IT-Security


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Secure your identity


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Secure all your email communications


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Secure all of your documents


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Secure your code

Check certificates

Check a server or client certificate or find a root certificate on https://certtest.teracara.org.

Email contact: info@teracara.org

Greetings of WPIA

Dear Visitor,

TERACARA® is a branding of WPIA to issue digital certificates (X.509) for the individuals of our world for free (like free in free beer!).

Our mission is to help with current available technics and make the internet a better place.

We want everybody to help in securing their communications and stay safe in our digital electronic world.

In short: TERACARA® will become a Trust Service Provider.

Currently we are performing an audit process with German TÜV organisation as auditor. This will help to gain trust around the world.

We will keep you informed about this process. Once it is successfully passed we will start and issue digital certificates.

You need a certificate for your organisation?

Consider to become a member of WPIA COOP https://wpia.coop/.
You will benefit of such a membership.

Please stay tuned.

Best wishes for 2020.

WPIA Board